Patient Incentives

How wonderful it would be if every one of our patients had their braces removed and treatment completed on time! Everyone would be happy: patients, parents, and doctors. Everyone’s smile should look as nice as possible, there would not be any spots on the teeth when the braces are removed. This can happen if our patients:

  1. Never miss appointments
  2. Clean their teeth adequately
  3. Avoid things that damage or break braces
  4. Wear appliances as the doctor has prescribed

We have developed an incentive plan for our patients, to achieve our goals of everyone having their braces off on time with no spots on their teeth. At every appointment, patients will have the opportunity to earn wooden nickels. Patients in treatment can receive a maximum of three nickels per appointment.

One point is awarded for clean teeth and good brushing. A second point is given if there are no damaged, broken, or lost appliances. A third point can be earned through good cooperation if the patient is wearing elastics, or removable appliances as instructed.

When a patient has earned enough wooden nickels he or she may redeem them for prizes according to the appropriate group.

The list of prizes includes:

  • 8 nickels: Spin the prize wheel for one of our many prizes (ex: water gun, stuffed animal, games, beach toys)
  • 15 nickels: $10 gift card (ex: Meijer, Bath & Body Works, Gamestop, iTunes)
  • 25 nickels: $20 gift card (ex: Target, Craig’s Cruisers, Gamestop, Local Mall)
  • 40 nickels: $50 gift card (ex: local mall, Best Buy, Dick’s Sports)
  • 50 nickels: 2 passes to Michigan Adventure or 2 passes to Cedar Point

Additional bonus points may be awarded for other achievements (examples: refer a friend who starts treatment, have a slip signed at your annual cleaning appointment with your dentist, participate in office dress-up days and much more)! We expect to have fun with this, and hope it encourages our patients to show the necessary effort and cooperation that enables them to have their braces removed on time!


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